The GFL Partners With EBI

12 March 2022

Here at the GFL, we are working every day behind the scenes building our brand. This is often manifested by teaming up with real world brands and events. Our aim is to establish a long lasting recognizable brand. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with the Eddie Bravo Invitational, which coincides with the return of EBI 19.

How To Mint Your Galactic Fight League NFT — Desktop/Laptop

26 January 2022

With the Galactic Fight League mint rapidly approaching, you might be wondering what a mint is and how the process of buying an NFT works.

Antti Karppinen, 2021 European Professional photographer of the year partners with the Galactic Fight League.

13 January 2022

Antti Karppinen x GFL - The Galactic Fight League (GFL) NFT artwork is created solely by our own artists. However, we have welcomed in a select few, highly talented digital creators to our inner circle to advise on art work as well as creating supplemental designs.

Joe Parisi x GFL

11 January 2022

Joe Parisi x GFL - INTRODUCING. The Official. Voice Of. The Galactic Fight League. The Galactic Fight League (GFL) would not be a proper MMA fight series without its very own ring announcer. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Joe Parisi.

Polaris Grappling partners with Galactic Fight League.

11 January 2022

Polaris x Galactic Fight League - The Strength of the Galactic Fight League (GFL)is in its partnerships, and we have a brand new one to announce.

Galactic Fight League partners with Tatami Fightwear ahead of NFT mint on January 20th.

8 January 2022

Tatami x GFL - Exciting partnerships have been promised by the Galactic Fight League (GFL), and another barnstorming real-world alliance has been announced.

Investor Spotlight: Galactic Fight League — NFT Project, Online P2E Game.

8 January 2022

As the Galactic Fight League (GFL) mint approaches, we’d like to give our potential investors a chance to understand our project in more depth. We have already put multiple, painstaking hours into the design phase of the GFL characters, the details needed to be exactly as we want them.

Welcome, to the Galactic Fight League.

30 December 2021

The Galactic Fight League is an NFT collection soon to be released on the Solana Blockchain. 9,999 individual and unique NFT’s will be minted with randomly generated characteristics based on which of the 7 different fight alliances they pledge allegiance. In addition, an elite class of bespoke NFTs that are hand-crafted 1/1 editions created by the artist.