Antti Karppinen, 2021 European Professional photographer of the year partners with the Galactic Fight League.

Antti Karppinen x GFL

Antti Karppinen x GFL

The Galactic Fight League (GFL) NFT artwork is created solely by our own artists. However, we have welcomed in a select few, highly talented digital creators to our inner circle to advise on art work as well as creating supplemental designs.

The GFL is hugely proud and honoured to announce a partnership with Finnish photographer, Antti Karppinen.

Antti has a list of awards that most photographers can only dream of and is the 2021 FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year. His other accolades include:

  • World Photographic Cup Gold Medalist 2021
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Golden Camera 2020 Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2020 Silver Creative Portrait
  • IPA International Photo awards Bronze (Special Photography, Digitally enhanced)
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2019 Gold Creative Portrait, Silver Commercial, Bronze Illustrative
  • World Photographic Cup 2017 (WPC) Gold medalist (Illustrative)

(The are a huge 19 more listed on Antti’s website)

My mission is to build the visual experiences, which tells the story of you, your product, service or company, in a globally understandable way.

I belong to a new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible. I create complex visual concepts and images with unlimited imagination.

Imagine Anything.

The GFL are honoured to have the support and an input of such a creative mind and gladly welcomed the partnership with open arms.

Antti Karppinen

Galactic Fight League

Twitter: @GalacticFL

Instagram: @galaticfightleague