How To Mint Your Galactic Fight League NFT — Desktop/Laptop.

With the Galactic Fight League mint rapidly approaching, you might be wondering what a mint is and how the process of buying an NFT works.

If you are familiar with using a crypto wallet, simply visit the Galactic Fight League website when the mint is active and click on ‘Get Your Fighter’. You will be taken to the Magic Eden website where the transaction will happen.

If this is your first time, welcome. Please read on and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Before we start, it is important to remember this is not financial advice. Please seek licensed financial advice before purchasing financial assets.


The mint is the process of NFT art being created. You connect your crypto wallet via our homepage to Magic Eden and a smart contract will create a completely unique NFT. This will be transferred to your wallet soon after the process in complete.

To mint an NFT, you will need to buy SOL (Solana) tokens — we’ll run through how below. Solana is a crypto currency and will be exchanged in a transaction for your NFT which will be stored within your wallet.


A wallet is — as the name might suggest — is a place for storing your cryptocurrency. Wallets are not the same as an exchange such as Binance, FTX or Robinhood. For this mint, you will need a Solana wallet. We recommend Phantom wallet. But more on that later.


  1. Download Brave Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge on your computer.

2. Head to — DO NOT SEARCH please type it into the browser URL window (or follow the link).

3. Select your browser from the list.

4. This will take you to the browser App Store. Click ‘Add to Brave’ in the blue button, top right. (The Brave App is in the Chrome Store).

5. Click ‘Add extension’

6. Phantom will be installed in your browser as a plugin. Next click on ‘Create New Wallet’.

7. WARNING! Seriously, if you read only one step, read this.

This is your recovery, or seed phrase. If you lose it, you will lose access to your wallet. There is no way to recover it. So write it down and put it in your safe, save in a secure file or tattoo it on your ass. But NEVER, EVER lose it.

8. Create a secure password. This can be recovered if you still have your recover phrase. You saved that, right?

9. Great, your wallet is created. As per the pop out in the top right of the browser, click the jigsaw icon then the pin icon to pin your wallet in the browser for easy access. (You’ll notice the purple Phantom logo in the top right of the browser below).

10. Head over to the Galactic Fight League website.

11. Click on the Phantom Wallet symbol. If you don’t see it, the jigsaw will show you all your apps.

12. Welcome to your new wallet. Click on ‘Manage Token List’.

13. At the top, search for ‘Sol’ then switch on the Solana token with the purple switch on the right.

14. Solana is now active.

15. Click on ‘Buy with Moonpay’ to purchase Solana, SOL tokens.

16. Your Moonpay window will pop up. Enter the required amount of Sol. Please remember there may be transaction fees so please add more than you need. GFL NFTs are 1.75 SOL.

17. Enter your personal details. Then Email, Verify Email with a code, enter basic details (name etc), finally enter billing address.

18. Pay via your preferred method, following the prompts. Note — Bank transfer might take a few hours.

19. Congratulations, you now hold SOL. The price of SOL will fluctuate — this will be shown here. Pay attention to the SOL amount, not the dollar amount.

20. Head back to the Galactic Fight League website and click on ‘Mint a fighter’. Or head directly to the Magic Eden GFL page.

21. Click on ‘Select Wallet’

22. Select your Phantom Wallet and enter your password.

23. You will now notice the wallet is connected in the top right and you’ll see a countdown to launch.

Please follow the on screen instructions when the mint goes live.

After the mint, you will see your token in your wallet. Click on the 4 squares at the bottom of the app.

If you have any issues, please head right into our Discord or reach out on Twitter.

Thank you from everyone at Galactic Fight League for your support.