Investor Spotlight: Galactic Fight League — NFT Project, Online P2E Game.

As the Galactic Fight League (GFL) mint approaches, we’d like to give our potential investors a chance to understand our project in more depth. We have already put multiple, painstaking hours into the design phase of the GFL characters, the details needed to be exactly as we want them.

The GFL will begin as an NFT, but their evolution will become a fully-featured play to earn online game, which is already in development.

There are seven individual and unique races from across the galaxy, each with their own rich histories, unique traits and backstories. Humans, Aliens, Cyborgs and Zombies.

In the future, they were brought together after decades of conflict. With the peace treaty came the resolution for bloodshed, a tournament between the pillars of a ring like no other.

Welcome to the Galactic Fight League.

Phase One

The GFL is an NFT project in the short term. Like all NFT projects, the tokens will hold value due to their non-fungible nature.

There will be 9,999 minted on the Solana blockchain, their characteristics unique and generated in a completely random manner with over 4 billion possible combinations. Some common traits, some rare.

Alongside the original mint will be the release of our ‘Elite’ Class of hand designed, limited edition NFTs. The ultimate in rarity.

Real World Partners

This sets us apart. We are partnering with real world brands. Brands who believe in what we are doing and brands who will feature in the game. We have lined up some major players in the fight clothing world, sports supplements and are in talks with real life fighters.

Phase Two

Phase two is where the project really comes into its own. The GFL will become an interactive, play to earn, online game where players will mint a brand new in-game, player NFT and take on others in the future of mixed martial arts.

You’ll be able to train your fighter, upgrade your gym, employ a better trainer and use supplements and clothing from real-world brands. The development has begun and we aim to release the game in Q4 2022.

The original NFTs won’t fight in the GFL. They will form a band of originals whose owners will receive airdrops and unique functionality on launch. Their value — will of course — remain and undoubtedly increase over time.


The protagonists live in the future. Seven races with rich histories, all well known for galactic conflict are drawn together when a peace treaty is signed. The war is over, but the agreement forged a new mixed martial arts championship to feed the bloodlust of the highly skilled fighting masters.

The Team

Working with us are a host of industry professionals with immense talent and years of experience.

The art has been created by TH3M, an international blockchain design agency.

Our co-founders and marketing team are 15000V, a web 2.0 & 3.0 agency who have previously worked with the likes of Under Armour, Sony, Bentley, The Royal Mint and many top projects in the crypto space.

Our game design agency is Argentics , creators of incredible games for multiple platforms and industries across the globe. Argentics have completed projects for brands like Audi, Nike, Volvo, Kernel and Bacardi.

We also have the GFL Arena Staff, these are the guys managing our communities and of course our official announcer, Joe Parisi, plus a host of industry expert advisers already onboard.

Investment information

Our team is highly invested in the GFL. Both the NFT and the game. Our advice to investors at this stage is to support the NFT release. This will fund the game. We aren’t openly looking for private investment, but we are open to the right partners. We are currently having discussions, we are open to more.

The GFL mint is due on the 20th of January on the Solana blockchain and a secondary market will be available in due course. We are close to setting a price per mint, but this will be based on the price of SOL at the time.

Galactic Fight League

Twitter: @GalacticFL

Instagram: @galaticfightleague