Polaris Grappling partners with Galactic Fight League.

Polaris x Galactic Fight League

The Strength of the Galactic Fight League (GFL)is in its partnerships, and we have a brand new one to announce.

Polaris Grappling is the longest running and most successful professional grappling show in Europe, broadcast exclusively on UFC Fight Pass and owned & operated by the two leading jiu jitsu apparel and equipment brands in the UK.

Polaris has hosted some of the most iconic matches in grappling history, featuring jiujitsu World Champions, former UFC Champions (such as Luke Rockhold) and even an Olympic judo champion in the form of Satoshi Ishii.

Polaris puts on four live events a year to amped up crowds around the United Kingdom and is looking forward to partnering with Galactic Fight League in the emerging digital space.

Polaris x GFL

GFL will be rewarding NFT holders with special drops which will include Polaris event VIP tickets to long term holders. Also keep an eye out for merch ‘upgrades’ where NFT holders will receive special limited edition items.

You can expect to see Polaris special edition clothing on some of the GFL elite fighters when released. Polaris items will — of course — be super rare.

The GFL is extremely grateful to have the support of such a successful brand in the fight world.

Polaris Grappling

Galactic Fight League

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