Welcome, to the Galactic Fight League.

The Story

The Galactic Fight League is an NFT collection soon to be released on the Solana Blockchain. 9,999 individual and unique NFT’s will be minted with randomly generated characteristics based on which of the 7 different fight alliances they pledge allegiance. In addition, an elite class of bespoke NFTs that are hand-crafted 1/1 editions created by the artist.

Each culture has an in depth backstory and a rich history of intergalactic conflict. That was until a peace treaty joined them together and they formed the greatest mixed martial arts tournament of all time, the Galactic Fight League.

The Function

The GFL NFT will serve two main functions: Firstly as a collectible NFT series that holds value in its non-fungible form. The goal is to make the GFL a desirable collection, while also having functional use in the upcoming video game title.

The second function of the NFT token will come as two elements: Raising funds for the production of a fully operational video game title, while as a reward to early adopters and investors the original NFTs will add unique utility to the game. They’ll also receive air-dropped items along the way to reward them for holding the NFT.

The Long term goal.

The long-term goal of the Galactic Fight League is to produce a fully working mixed martial arts themed interactive P2E fight game based around the characteristics of the protagonists.

The title will allow players to train their fighter and specialise in a particular style of combat. So if you’re a judo guy and decide to stand and bang with a boxer, it’s not going to end well for you. However, well trained fighters can see the algorithm throw a curve-ball and take an unexpected win.

A good understanding of MMA and fighting styles will be highly beneficial to your being. Players will be able to upgrade their coach, gym, equipment, supplements, sparring partners and of course, clothing. The goal of the GFL is to partner with real-world brands to create a more realistic experience for players and the highest level of exposure for brands who are involved.


Twitter: @GalacticFL

Instagram: @galaticfightleague


The Galactic Fight League NFT